Client Reviews

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Divelbiss in the past and know him to be a hard working professional. His attention to detail and care for his clients set him apart from the rest!”

-Joshua Black, Attorney

“Attorney Divelbiss is a hard worker and will advocate for his clients with an attention to detail that you don’t see very often these days.”

-Brandon White, Attorney

“Attorney Divelbiss is bright, hard-working, and well-versed in criminal law. His legal writing is superb, and his commitment to his clients is outstanding. He will fight for you and offer you the best defense possible. Additionally, he is a pleasure to work with. I fully endorse this lawyer.”

-Josephine Hallam, Attorney

“Mr. Divelbiss and I worked in the same office, although we were at different law firms. He was eager to learn and developed a reputation for honesty and zealous advocacy.”

-Kristopher Califano, Attorney

“Mr. Divelbiss is a GREAT attorney, very honest and reliable. He takes his times with every client and answers all questions and concerns. Is been a pleasure working with Mr. Divelbiss and he serves his clients very well!”

-Allen Hsu, Attorney

“Zach was able to help make me feel at ease through my case and was always available to answer my questions. Would highly recommend.”


“I would have Zachary represent me in a heartbeat if I ever found myself in a situation that I needed representation by an attorney again. When you are going through a difficult and scary situation having an ally that explains each step, every outcome and his best advice dealing with your case is all that anyone can ask for, and Zachary did that. He was kind and I genuinely felt like he cared about me not only as a client but as a person. He was prompt on returning my calls and emails and kept me updated on what I needed to know. If anyone needs a top notch criminal defense lawyer I recommend Zachary Divelbiss”


“Although my criminal issue was minor, Mr. Divelbiss was completely professional and treated me with the upmost respect as if it was a very serious case. It was great to have Mr. Divelbiss in my corner to handle everything for me so I did not have to worry about doing anything wrong. Additionally, he was very honest and upfront with me about everything. If you hire Mr. Divelbiss, rest assured that you will be well taken care of and get the best representation possible.”


“I now love lawyers! Zach is the most genuine, honest, and professional lawyer out there. He did a wonderful job of handling my case, and attending to my every concern. He felt like a friend after my case was dismissed. I highly recommend hiring Divelbiss Criminal Law or working with Zach on your criminal matters.”


“Mr. Divelbiss was great! He got my daughter’s multiple felony charges completely dismissed and was very helpful throughout the entire process.”


“I hired Zach because I was expecting to go to jail for a long time considering I had a warrant and 3 felonies. Zach was able to get rid of the warrant and now all 3 felonies are dismissed without any jail! He worked with my schedule and was transparent about everything. Highly recommend his services!”


“I retained Zachary Divelbliss in September 2018, for my 16 year old son who got a criminal speeding ticket of 100mph in a 75mph zone. Zach is an amazing attorney and is kind, caring, takes client calls and addressed all our concerns. He was fantastic with explaining things to my son in a way he understood the process as well as me. Zach was able to negotiate with the judge for him to get a Defensive Driving School class and avoid a misdemeanor. Do yourself a favor and retain this attorney, he works hard and does not accept just any terms the prosecutor threw at him, he made sure it was appropriate for my son. Thank you Zach we are so appreciative of you.”


“Zachary helped me with a speeding violation and provided more legal information in one consultation than any other office I contacted. He responded immediately, was personable and provided detailed information that allowed me to make the best choice for my case. Highly recommend reaching out to Zachary!”


“I had to hire a lawyer for a felony weapons charge and was referred to Zachary. I was facing 3-7 years in prison. For a knife a always carry on my side. Zachary was able to secure a full dismissal of my case. Watching him in court was a pretty awe inspiring thing to witness. He is great at what he does. He is professional, respectful, friendly, and just a down to earth straight forward guy. He also was very understanding of financial hardships and never made me feel pressured. I truly love this guy and would hire and recommend him any time to anyone who needs legal help. Thank you Zachary you saved my life for real. You are the Absolute best my friend.”


“So why every other attorney basically in the city of Phoenix had said that I was for sure going to prison looking at at least five years and not trying to hear my side of the story Zack took the time to look into my case and see the truth and fight for me and I’ll never be able to thank him enough hands down hire him if you need someone who understands and cares and will fight for what’s right thank you.”


“Zach provided excellent legal services and helped me get my charges dissmissed. He works with payment plans and I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation. Thanks again Zach!”


“Mr. Divelbiss took my case right away! He started working hard and has been a blessing throughout the case.”


“I never thought I would find myself in need of an attorney, but unfortunately I did. Throughout this whole process Zachary has provided excellent advice, and has been very clear about what to expect. He is very responsive, answers all questions and is incredibly attentive to your concerns as a client. Most of all Zachary is caring, compassionate and understanding. I would 100% recommend Zachary to anyone.”


“Zachary provided me with excellent legal advice and services. He recently represented me for a DUI and explained everything well and came through with all questions and issues. He was even able to dismiss my 12 month license suspension. Zachary is reliable, courteous and professional. I highly recommend him without any reservations.”


“I hired this lawyer for a possession of a weapon by prohibited person. Due to a bogus charge in 2013 in which I did not have a lawyer I received a felony on my record. I was facing 4-7 years in prison. Regardless i chose to turn down every plea that the state presented knowing it was a unjust charge. Placing all my trust in my lawyer he with all his ability and knowledge was able to secure a full dismissal of my case. I love this guy. Best thing i could have done. He saved my life. Endless thanks.”


“I was charged with two misdemeanors. I consulted a few lawyers, but Zach was the most informative and reassuring so I ultimately hired him. Throughout the process he was communicative, honest, and attentive. He was able to get the charges diverted and even argued my case down to the lowest possible terms. The results were better than I expected, and I absolutely recommend Divelbiss Criminal Law!”


“My case is resolved due to excellent help from Zachary Divelbiss at his office in Glendale Arizona.  Your service is needed and appreciated and Zach was a very courteous and competent choice.”


“Mr. Divelbiss is the best. He really cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to help his client.”


“I hired Zach after I got charged with 3 felonies 2 f2 one f3 for marijuana sales . I thought my life was over but Zach was able to get one felony dropped and got me 1 year work release for the other 2 . Even after I signed for the plea deal he kept in touch with my family and even went to the county jail twice to make sure I was transferred to the work release program a.s.a.p . I would definitely recommend Zachary Divelbiss if you’re looking for a good lawyer.”