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Client charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia had all charges dismissed with diversion.


Client charged with misdemeanor shoplifting and concealment of goods had all charges dismissed being found innocent.


Client charged with misdemeanor speeding at 100mph had all charges dismissed after completing defensive driving school.


Client charged with multiple felony aggravated assault charges had all charges dismissed after completing counseling and writing an apology letter.


Client charged with a civil unsafe lane change and misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident was found not guilty at trial.


Client charged with civil speeding and failure to control vehicle to avoid a collision got all charges dismissed.


Client charged with felony 4+ lbs of marijuana and paraphernalia had all charges dismissed through deferred prosecution.


Client being investigated for felony sexual misconduct against a minor had investigation dropped.


Client charged with felony meth possession for sale offered plea to less than 1 year in jail and probation.


Client charged with misdemeanor paraphernalia possession had all charged dismissed through deferred prosecution.


Client charged with misdemeanor theft, property damage, disorderly conduct-fighting and criminal nuisance got all charges dismissed except property damage.


Client charged with Felony aggravated assault on a police officer got charges reduced a misdemeanor assault.


Client charged with Misdemeanor reckless driving and racing on highway got charges reduced to just reckless driving.


Client charged with Misdemeanor exceeding 85mph got case dismissed by attending defensive driving school.


Client charged with civil ticket for no insurance or registration got all fines and fees dismissed.


Client with misdemeanor extreme DUI and two other DUIs got case reduced down to one DUI with two days in jail.


Client with three misdemeanor DUIs got case reduced to one and attended veterans court.

54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“Great Attorney! Hands down affordable payments. He was quick and responsive and very informative, got my charge which I would be facing jail time reduced to reckless driving and a fine...”


54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“I hired Zachary after I found myself charged with a felony. He put me at ease right away and during the whole process he explained each step to where I understood everything and was always available for any questions I had. ”


54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“Attorney Zachary is a brilliant attorney, I highly recommend his company to resolve any legal/criminal matter satisfactorily. He still continue to work on my case to tie some loose ends. He is intelligent , prompt and a problem solver. I thank him a million times to protect my dignity and reputation.”


54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Divelbiss in the past and know him to be a hard working professional. His attention to detail and care for his clients set him apart from the rest!”

Joshua Black, Attorney

54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“Attorney Divelbiss is a hard worker and will advocate for his clients with an attention to detail that you don't see very often these days.”

Brandon White, Attorney

54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“Attorney Divelbiss is bright, hard-working, and well-versed in criminal law. His legal writing is superb, and his commitment to his clients is outstanding. He will fight for you and offer you the best defense possible. Additionally, he is a pleasure to work with. I fully endorse this lawyer.”

Josephine Hallam, Attorney

54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“Mr. Divelbiss and I worked in the same office, although we were at different law firms. He was eager to learn and developed a reputation for honesty and zealous advocacy.”

Kristopher Califano, Attorney

54+ Five-Star  Google Reviews

“Mr. Divelbiss is a GREAT attorney, very honest and reliable. He takes his times with every client and answers all questions and concerns. Is been a pleasure working with Mr. Divelbiss and he serves his clients very well!”

Allen Hsu, Attorney