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Phoenix Domestic Violence Attorney – Domestic Violence is a Serious Offense — One Mistake Can Be Life-Changing.
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Altercations that occur between family members, intimate partners, or members of a household are often classified as domestic violence. These types of abuses can have lasting impacts on your social, professional, and financial life, not to mention your freedom. In addition to physical abuse, many other threatening or endangering behaviors can lead to domestic violence accusations. Because there are typically a lot of intense underlying emotions associated with these incidents, it can be difficult to go through the legal process unassisted.

If you or someone you love is dealing with a DV charge, DUI Charge, or other criminal charges, contact a knowledgeable Phoenix Domestic Violence attorney for help building a firm defense strategy. At Future First Criminal Law, we understand the difficult situations our clients have to endure, our team will ruthlessly advocate for your defense while sharing our expert legal advice throughout the process. Request a free consultation today.


Types of behavior that can result in Domestic Violence Charges?

If a member of your household, an intimate partner, or other relative is pursuing domestic violence charges against you, they may feel threatened or endangered by some of your behaviors. They can be inclined to contact the authorities, file a protection order, and even press charges to protect themselves and the rest of their family. Once charges are filed, you can be aggressively prosecuted for crimes in Arizona. Here are some common behaviors that result in domestic violence charges in Arizona:

  • Physical Abuse/Assault – Any unwanted physical or sexual contact is assault. Physical altercations are involved in a shocking amount of domestic violence cases.
  • Damaging Personal Property – Destruction of property is a crime. Even if you own the property, this can still come across as alarming or threatening behavior to anyone else involved.
  • Isolating/Controlling Communications – Monitoring or controlling who a partner is allowed to communicate with, restricting access to phone and internet, setting curfews, or preventing them from leaving the house at all.
  • Threats – This includes threats made to inflict harm to oneself, or another person.
  • Releasing Private Information – Sharing any personal or private information that was once given to you in confidence, particularly if the information is defamatory. Pictures, notes, letters, secrets, etc…
  • Following or Monitoring – Stalking, watching someone closely, or following can be perceived as predatory behaviors.


What Steps Do I Take If I Am Involved In A Domestic Violence Situation?

Some intense emotions arise in domestic violence situations – anger, fear, rage, remorse, while filled with adrenaline, these types of feelings interfere with your clear thinking and decision-making ability. It’s tough to decide how to best proceed, especially when children are involved, or if this happened in your own home. If you have been involved in a domestic violence situation in Phoenix follow these steps:

1. Find A Safe Environment

If you’ve been involved in a domestic violence situation, the best thing to do is to create some distance between yourself and the accuser. Find a place where you can safely calm down, assess your injuries, begin to deescalate the situation, and plan for the future. If you are injured — Seek medical attention immediately. Whether you are a victim or the alleged abuser, you are always entitled to medical assistance.

2. Contact The Authorities

If you find it necessary to file for a protective order – Contact the local authorities, and report the incident. File a restraining order to forbid any contact from the other party, and proceed to press charges. If you are the recipient of these charges you should disclose as little information about the incident as possible until you speak with your attorney.

3. Get Help From An Experienced Phoenix Domestic Violence Attorney

Whether you are guilty or wrongfully accused — Contact a domestic violence attorney to begin building your case immediately. If convicted, you can face jail time, fines, and a charge on your criminal record for life. A skilled attorney understands how much is on the line for you, they will ruthlessly advocate for your defense.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I hire a Phoenix domestic violence attorney?

A domestic violence case can be troubling to deal with on your own. These incidents are usually preceded by intense emotions from one or multiple parties. This can often cloud your judgment and interfere with your creation of a strong defense. An experienced domestic violence attorney can professionally represent on your behalf while aggressively advocating for your freedom.

How long does domestic violence show up on your record in Arizona?

Any misdemeanor or felony charges that are on your criminal record cannot be removed. Although you can request the court set aside the charge (expungement), it will be present on your criminal record until you are 99 years old, regardless of status.

How can I get my domestic violence charges dropped?

Once claims are filed and an investigation is started, the prosecutor is the only one who can drop the charges… Even if the accuser no longer wishes to pursue charges. If this happens your best chances of getting your charges dropped are with an experienced Phoenix domestic violence attorney.


Find The Right Phoenix, AZ Domestic Violence Attorney For Your Case

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